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The WOBK- DB Family

Thank you for spending time on our site.  Who are we?  The man behind the magic is Matt. He loves old time radio and has been passionate about radio since he was a kiddo.  About 12 years ago he started his first internet radio station on LIVE 365.  He enjoyed programing his station and finding new programming for his listeners. Every now and then he would go LIVE and do a show.  He absolutely LOVED it.  Internet radio changed, prices went up, and Matt called it quits for a while.  Well, he is back and happy to entertain you with AWESOME Old Time Radio, Religious / Spiritual programming and MORE.  


Every now and again you might hear a sweet voice other than Matt's, and those voices belong to his son Elijah (who is six years old) and his lovely wife of 21 years-Linda.  These two individuals are the most important part of Matt's life. 

Besides pictures of Matt, Linda, and Eli on this page, you will also find a picture of our dear friend Reverend Rhondalyn Randolph. Her Bible study classes will air on WOBK-DB Sunday mornings at 8am CST and repeat broadcast at 8pm CST.  Stay tuned to more great programming.....

 Again, thank you for visiting our site.  Be blessed!!

Here's Matt on the mic :) 

The WOBK-DB family: Matt, Eli, and Linda 

Reverend Rhondalyn Randolph teaching the GOOD NEWS